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January 12, 2016 08:30 AM Published by Ashley Logan

Building relationships with brands online

The digital world has provided us with ever growing and advancing opportunities in recent years. The digital space keeps us connected to the world around us and each other, even when we are miles away. We can get answers in a moment’s notice, and make new friends without meeting them in person.

The benefits of digital networking are vast, but today we want to focus on how it can bring new opportunities to your business by connecting you with other brands online. Here are some of the benefits of digital networking and how you can engage with other brands online:

Initiate the first encounter on your own terms

Although networking in person is beneficial for building trust and respect, networking online can get you to that point faster. With the digital sphere acknowledging all sorts of social interaction, the ability to be proactive is invaluable. This allows you to reach out to individuals, with or without a mutual connection, with whom it may have otherwise been hard to connect. Start by saying hello and engaging with their brand online.

Relationships can lead to digital partnerships

Through the relationships you build online through digital networking, you can move on to establish a trusted partnership. Digital partnerships can be mutually beneficial by bringing both parties more exposure through supporting one another socially and featuring each other through website promotion, blog posting, and affiliates. It’s important to note that you want to make sure these partnerships are strategic and align with your business, your brand, and the audience you are serving. Digital partnerships can also lead to true, real-life friendships, and there’s never anything wrong with that.

Maximize your reach to impact your full target audience

Utilizing digital networking to connect with other brands also expands your reach into your target audience. Often we focus on a very niche area of our audience when marketing online, which is important. But by networking with other brands and forming strategic digital partnerships, we expand our reach to a broader audience, without having to tweak the voice, style and messaging of the brand.

There are enormous benefits to promoting yourself with a positive message in the digital world to brands and influencers that align with your company messaging. We believe digital networking is powerful, if you use it wisely, and it can lead to many unimaginable opportunities for yourself as an individual and your business. Want to learn more about digital marketing? Contact us.

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