The Perfect Blog Post

November 08, 2016 06:00 AM Published by Ashley Logan

How to write a blog post that gets attention.

Everyone is talking about the value of blogging in business. Content Marketing is the new "it" phrase of digital communication and blogs are at the epicenter of the conversation. But as content continues to climb the charts as a check point for business marketing, it's important to think about how to create blog posts that are effective and resonate with your readers.

Just like you can't bake cookies without the same basic ingredients,there are key elements of a blog post that have to be added. Start with an outline, then build from there. But like with any recipe, it's the way that we put the ingredients together that can really make the finished product shine.

Yakkety Yak Recipe for a Perfect Blog Post

Every blog post starts with a good headline. It should grab readers' attention, yet also be clear in its intent. I like to make the main headline and the meta description of the post correspond so they tell a story when shared on social media, something I have found boosts overall clicks. It's the headline that will make people want to dive in—like the smell of fresh baked cookies can get your stomach rumbling.

The information presented in the first paragraph is the first bite readers get of what you're trying to say, so make it good. That means including valuable information, meaningful stats and sentences that are concise and effective. Say what you want to say, then tell them how you are going to make them faster, stronger and better looking if they keep reading.

The body of the blog post is where you have the opportunity to build loyal fans. In addition to the relevant information you will include, sources you will reference, and the clear points you will make, this is where you can incorporate a little bit of spice, like a fun quote, interesting graphic or some words of wisdom. But in all of the fun and style that you're adding, don't forget structure. Keep the words concise and try not to stray too far from the original concept. If you find that you have too much to say, divide the post into a series. Try to keep the word count between 300-450 words.

By now, your readers are engaged and have enjoyed reading your glorious blog post. So this is where you hit them with a next step. Never, I repeat ever, publish a blog post that doesn't present your services in an enticing way, direct them to a previous post, or encourage them to sign up for a newsletter. It's the Call to Action portion that everyone talks about. It can be subtle and non-salesy, but it has to be there somewhere. Guys, I mean it.

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