Drive Traffic Back to Your Website

April 12, 2016 05:19 AM Published by Ashley Logan

How to drive traffic back to your website

As a mobile content consumer, spotting an appealing article or blog post on your favorite social networking app is part of the experience. But when readers click the link, oftentimes they stay within the app to read the article, which creates a great user experience for the app user, but prevents readers from clicking through to your website as a content creator. According to comScore, mobile apps account for 54% of people’s digital media experience. Since your content is now much more likely to be read off-site, users will need an extra boost to get them away from the app, and over to your website.

Here are 5 great ways to get traffic back to your website

  1. Produce Stellar Content. We can’t discount the power and impact of stellar content. Write for your target audience, their needs and curiosities. Then, make sure your content stands out from competition and invites readers to feel like they a part of your community with you, as the credible and trustworthy expert resource.
  2. Optimize Content for the Mobile Experience. Content consumption is taking place on mobile devices, so make sure to optimize this content by creating short, engaging articles. Don’t make the reader scroll incessantly to find the answer they’re looking for, and definitely don’t make them flip through several pages. Focus on a single-page scrolling experience. Add effective and content-driven visuals to make your content more engaging, or up the ante with a video so the user doesn’t have to do the reading from their mobile device.
  3. Include a Non Negotiable Call-To-Action. The number one way to get readers back to your website is to make them an offer they can’t refuse. A call to action is a way to offer your readership actionable next steps. Whether you give something away in the form of premium downloadable content—our number one recommendation—or ask them to read a related post with a direct link to your website’s blog, having a non negotiable CTA will get your readers to do what you want.
  4. Deliver on the Other Side. When readers get to your site, you need to keep them there. Although the focus may have shifted to create awesome mobile content with killer CTAs, you still need to deliver value through the website once readers make their way over. As soon as they opt-in through your CTA, make sure they stay on your website by providing them additional next steps, such as related content, more irresistible free downloads, or other conversation starters. Optimize your content for the entire reader experience to make your content marketing return on investment rise exponentially.
  5. Measure Your Metrics On and Off-Site. You didn’t think you would get out of measuring and managing, did you? It’s the number one way you can guarantee the effective delivery of your work. Now, you will have to measure how readers interact with your content on and off-site. Luckily, most social networking platforms and apps offer stellar metrics. Figure out what type of content is being read the most and determine which CTAs are driving the most amount of traffic back to your website.

To be successful at content marketing, one has to look at the full picture. There are many steps in order to prime and maintain a users for a great experience, but implementing these steps will ensure your investment pays off. Yakkety Yak is a full-service content marketing firm and we know how to grease the wheels and get the axles turning. Ready to focus on your business and have an expert team take the marketing into their hands? Contact Yakkety Yak for service information.

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