Social Consciousness - Part One

November 03, 2015 04:49 PM Published by Ashley Logan

How can social consciousness improve your content marketing?

As social media becomes a prevalent part of our everyday, with it comes a new standard of online etiquette. Introducing, social consciousness, the act of not only paying attention to the buzz around a particular brand or company, but also remaining conscious about what is being said, which conversations are appropriate to engage in, and understanding your social audience to know when and what to post in order to engage your followers in a positive and value-adding way.

So, how does social consciousness give a boost to your content marketing strategy? Here are three of the key reasons we believe in social consciousness:

Find influencers and content ideas from your audience: By paying attention to the people sharing your brand updates and posts or sharing your competitor’s brand updates and posts, you’ll be able to pinpoint the top influencers in your area. These are great resources for you to reach out to and expand your reach in the future. Use these influencer’s interests, as well as the interests of your current audience, to generate new and noteworthy content ideas. Stay alert on the conversations these individuals are having, follow their keywords, and take notice of their current interests.

Word of warning: Be aware of the conversations you engage in with your audience. Make sure it aligns with the brand and try to understand where and why the conversation was initiated.

Attract new readers and solve problems: Check out online forums where people are posting about problems that your company can solve, then offer genuine insights. Reach out to the users who feel their needs are unmet and start a conversation on how you can solve their problem. Research the online forums where your potential customers hang out, track and engage in the discussions by providing value and answers to the contributor's questions.

Word of warning: When engaging in these conversations, make sure you are genuine and have a credible answer or solution to their unmet need. These “leads” are only valuable if they trust you to solve their problems.

Stay relevant with trending topics and news: It’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest news in your industry, as well as what is happening around the world. Research trending topics and hashtags and include them in your social conversations. Pay great attention to the updates your customers and competitors are making around key topics in your industry and work to stay one step ahead.

Word of warning: Be very cautious and stay brand-centric when posting about some of the trending topics and hashtags you see on the social media world-wide platforms. Know the root of the hashtag or topic and avoid posting a hashtag if you have to force it in line with your business.

Social consciousness enhances the experience for your audience while maintaining your brand’s integrity. It raises the bar in content and social media marketing and creates more work for your marketers, but it also increases relevance, keeps you from making wince-worthy faux pas (more on that in Part Two), and brings value and credibility to your brand. Want to improve your social consciousness with our help? Contact us—we’ll help you become relevant and reliable in your industry.

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