How to Use Twitter for Customer Service

July 05, 2016 08:19 AM Published by Ashley Logan

(Using Twitter for customer service...the right way)

Companies are now spending more time on their social media accounts, not only to market new products and services, but to monitor customer satisfaction and respond to requests. After years of keeping customer service interactions strictly to the telephone, callers have had it with being put “on hold” and are turning to their smartphones to reach the company in a different way. In response, businesses have found a new medium to answer customer inquiries in a less costly way and at a time that is more convenient for both the business and the customer, on a platform that everyone is hanging out on, Twitter.

Why use Twitter for customer service:

Twitter is a great way to respond to customers in a timely and personable manner. Since 33% of Twitter users prefer to contact brands through their social media platforms, the decision to move customer support to the social network is less of a choice than a necessity. Twitter is a medium that gives customers a voice and the ability to be heard. Not to mention, it allows you to resolve customer issues without picking up the phone–a win-win for everyone. Providing customer support via Twitter gives the customer what they want, while demonstrating the unique voice of your brand.

What customers expect

When setting up your customer service Twitter account, it’s important to know what you're getting into. Recent studies show that 42% of customers expect a response within the hour.  There will inevitably be more negative feedback than positive feedback, so it's important to treat every response with the highest level of customer service. Customers may not necessarily be looking to get an answer to their question, just confirmation that their complaint was heard. Any way you receive the customer feedback and concerns, be sure to stay accommodating, supportive, and as flexible as possible.

How to implement a successful strategy

Nail down the tone you will use and how responsive you can promise to be with all of your followers and customers. Lay it out in your profile, from when you are available, what languages you service, to other ways they can get in contact with you. Then, make sure to personalize your messages when you do respond to consumer requests or frustrations. There’s nothing worse than seeing the same response to very different issues. Be as helpful as possible in the 140 characters you’re given on Twitter–if it requires more, give them a number to call.

Know what is important to your customers and test the waters to see if a Twitter customer service strategy is right for your business and your target market. Learn more about using social media to boost your business by visiting

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