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November 24, 2015 02:29 PM Published by Ashley Logan

Part 2: The Components to Making Great Videos and Hiring Professionals

Video is an extremely powerful medium for delivering your business’s message. You can actually change someone’s response to the way they view your company through a well-crafted video,” says Michael Nowicki, producer, director, and editor at Cinaesthetic, a Chicago-based film production company . In Part 2 of our video conversation, "Video and Content Marketing,” Nowicki gives us some guidelines for using video to market your business.

Below are 6 ways to improve your next video according to Michael Nowicki.

  1. Focus on the audio. “Usually the first giveaway of the amateur nature of a video is the audio.” Nowicki shared. Technically, audio makes up half of your experience when watching a video. The type of audio can also change and impact the tone of your video. For interviews, make sure to mic up the speakers. For a more artistic approach, pick the right soundtrack and play with different layers of audio.
  2. The story. It’s really important to “make sure your message is succinct and tells the story in a way that maximizes the audience’s reception,” says Nowicki. You and your crew should understand the story and the underlying message during video production to ensure the story is delivered successfully.
  3. Graphics. Create a better video by focusing on graphics. From the titling to the motion graphics, include the extra elements in your video that wouldn’t be captured on camera but created in the editing process.
  4. Mix things up. There are a number of other ways you can mix things up in your video shoot. Nowicki teaches how to supplement your video with A Roll and B Roll. “When the subject is talking on or to the camera, that is considered A Roll.” Other elements such as scenic urban shots, shots around the office, in the practice, performing the practice, and shots of the clientele are considered B Roll. Use both to enhance the story. 
  5. Hire a pro. Of course, if you’re really looking to up your video game, and your budget allows for it, you can hire a professional production company like Cinaesthetic. When looking for a company to work with, Nowicki says to start by researching the videos they have created for customers that are similar to your industry or message. “Find out if they have done something similar. Are they doing it well? Are they executing it?”
  6. Consider the budget. “You can achieve really high end, polished videos on a lower budget, so don’t assume that a professional is going to be out of your ballpark,” he says. Talk to the different companies and see if they provide any additional services. Generally, production companies will supply additional value beyond recording and cutting the film. “The industry is changing so people are providing a lot more value, like offering a director and a writer. See if they can help improve the vision, instead of just being a guy with a camera.”

For more questions on video production, please contact Michael Nowicki, founder and owner of Cinaesthetic, at 708.845.0253 or In the meantime, Yakkety Yak is dedicated to keeping you in the know about the latest in content marketing. Send us your questions about how to get your business noticed, and we’ll make sure to include them in our social media and blog lineup.

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