5 Must-Have Elements for Every Blog

September 13, 2016 08:29 AM Published by Ashley Logan

Capture your audience with these necessary blog post elements

Ever wonder if you’re checking all the boxes with your blog post content? Writing can be slow, difficult, and even overwhelming. We understand that sometimes in order to enter a state of creative flow, you need to ignore the formulas and rules and just get it all out on paper. But how can you guarantee that after all that work, your audience will be captivated to actually read your writing? Here are the key elements every blog post needs to deliver value for you and your audience.

1. Hook ‘em with your headline. It’s been researched, touted about, and beaten to death. The key to hook readers into even reading your article, blog post, or newsletter, is by catching them with a headline that evokes interest, outlines what they can expect, and leaves them curiously wanting more. Though we all know “content is king,” you first must guide readers to your content with a catchy headline. Numbered lists prove to be the most successful – like we did above. “How To” articles also perform quite well. The average reader is searching for ways you can add value to their life. Provide an educational experience, tell them how quickly the learning process will take, get them excited, and deliver on your promise.

2. Catch their eye with an image. Images are drastically important for your blog and add incremental value to the readability of your post. According to MDG Advertising, on average, articles with relevant images get 94% more views than articles without images. In addition, Socialbakers report that 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook are comprised of images. Those facts alone should be enough of a reason to incorporate pertinent images into your blog posts and social media shares. Tip: Stray away from posting an image with your blog just for the sake of adding an image. Ensure that the image complements your headline and helps readers understand the outline and what they will be gaining from investing the time to read your piece.

3. The infamous introduction. So you brought in readers with our catchy headline and fascinating graphic at the top of your piece, but now you need to make them stay and all the weight is on writing your irresistible introduction. The best way to think of writing really great copy is this: each sentence in your copy has a job, to get the reader to read the next sentence of your copy. This is vitally important in your intro. How can you construct a brilliant introduction that will grasp the reader’s interest and keep them hanging on your every word? Here are a few tips: Keep it brief, get to the point, use short sentences, but also let the reader know you are writing for them, tell them what the piece is about, why it is important, and how it will add value to their lives.

4. Make your info sharable. Be quote-worthy through offering a unique perspective and being original in your written thoughts. Offer information that is beneficial and unique to you and your audience. You may have to introduce a new idea or concept. Think of ways to provide information that you haven’t seen before, and that you know is worthy of sending to your reader’s network. Finally, make sure your content is equipped with share buttons or in-line “tweetable” lines. Readers won’t share your stuff nearly as much without the easy accessibility to posting on Facebook, Twitter, or sending a quick email at the click of a button.

5. Call to Action. Business blogs are in place as a marketing platform to increase website traffic, add credibility, and give value back to your readers, but the biggest benefit you want to gain from our business blog is to make sales and increase your customer base. Not all of your blogs need to sell, sell, sell; however, you should include a call to action (CTA) within each of your blog posts. Whether you are asking your readers to buy, share, or simply read another post, having a clear CTA will drive engagement for your business. Some helpful tips: be strong in your “ask”, provoke emotion, create a sense of fear of missing out (FOMO), and make it a non-negotiable reason for your readers to take action.

We’ll say it again, writing captivating blog posts on a consistent basis can be difficult. Use these elements in every post and you’ll see a drastic improvement in the structure, readability, and engagement in your written work. Then, show us what you have created. Tag @YakketyYak312 on Twitter or Instagram when you share about your next blog using the above formula. We can’t wait to see your work.

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