7 Reasons to Use Lists in Content Marketing

March 05, 2015 09:52 AM Published by Ashley Logan

Why lists are taking the content world by storm

Lists are a great way to engage an audience with useful information. Not only is the copy generally easy to compile, the list method lends itself to straightforward communication. Brands like BuzzFeed, Whole Foods and American Express are taking advantage of the list craze because the content is engaging and easily tailored to a custom audience. If you're wondering if lists are something to try for your brand, the answer is a loud, resounding yes.

Here are a 7 reasons to use lists in content marketing.

  1. Concise Thoughts: Using lists in content marketing to communicate means finding the words you want to say in a clear and concise manner. Lists are not a place to go into long diatribes or detailed explanations. Make your point, then move onto the next item on the list. Next!
  2. Organized Content:  Lists are a great way to send a well-organized message. Arranging thoughts into different points will keep the content on track and easy to digest for readers. Thought leadership, anyone?
  3. Easy Mobile Access: Since everything’s being consumed on a smartphone these days, arranging having your content in list format makes it easier to digest as readers read as they scroll through the content on their phones and tablets. Read from anywhere (just maybe not in the bathroom, k?)
  4. Great Infographic Opportunity: Lists can tell a great story, so developing an infographic from the list content is a simple way to create a visually engaging piece of content.. These days, visual content is everything, plus it’s easily shared on a variety of social media outlets. Check out our graphic below, yo.
  5. Improved Reader Engagement: Lists tend to provide engaging and memorable information. By using content exclusively tailored to your audience, they are likely to click on the link and then read through the whole list. Which means another opportunity to develop your brand.
  6. Put Old Content to Use: Including a link to past blog content in your content is a great way to repurpose old material that is still relevant. This is also a simple and effective way to indirectly elaborate on the content, without creating a list that is too lengthy.
  7. Encourages Creativity: There’s no better way to build your brand’s credibility than by creatively organizing an original list. Make yourself the subject matter expert and create a list that backs up your expert opinion.

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