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January 07, 2015 07:54 AM Published by Ashley Logan

Content Marketing Goals For The New Year

The New Year is underway and it's time to refresh and renew your content marketing goals for 2015. Why? Because the possibilities to reach a new audience is endless. From promotional videos to integrating more content into LinkedIn, we put together a list of content goals that can be easily implemented by marketers and business owners everywhere.

2015 Content Marketing Goals

Write more content: This year, set an overarching goal to simply write more. More content will lead to a larger library of blog posts, more material to share on social media, robust monthly e-newsletters and richer website content to drive search results. By setting this goal early on in 2015, it will be easier to budget time to stay on track. Tip: Bookmark ideas in your editorial calendar and compose these extra posts up to 6 weeks in advance. 

Hone your social media skills: Make it your goal to establish a presence on more than one social media platform. Increase your presence by posting relevant content on a regular basis. The key to success in social media is engaging regularly and finding an audience among various communication outlets. Tip: Spend an hour getting to know a new platform. Check out users with a lot of interaction and observe what they are doing to become so influential. 

Engage with followers: Social media is a two way street. So rather than just data dumping information out into the Twitter or Facebook abyss everyday, go ahead and spend some time interacting with followers. Whether that means retweeting their posts on Twitter, following back your followers on Instagram or responding to Facebook messages, part of being on social media is being accessible. Demonstrate that there are real people behind your brand's profile and watch your online clout skyrocket. Tip: Spend at least one hour per week or more engaging with users across social media platforms. 

Improve your SEO: Sprucing up your SEO is a natural result of producing more content, especially if you have a strategy. Take the time to use keywords, meta descriptions and title tags properly. Check your links to ensure they aren't broken, which can be a big downfall for SEO crawlers. Add tags to all images, and make sure your site is organized. Tip: Go through all of your blog posts and website content and update meta descriptions and keywords. The results will be instant. 

Build promotional videos: Step outside the written box in 2015 and consider adding video content. A 2:00 minute or less video is a great way to tell your brand’s story with a creative and unique spin. Dedicate time to crafting the perfect video story and incorporate employees and customer testimonials for richer content. Once the video is edited, share it on all your social media platforms, and use it as a reference point. Tip: Find an expert videographer to shoot and edit your promo video. It's worth every penny to have something uber professional representing your brand. 

Post to groups on LinkedIn: LinkedIn has a vast number of benefits for social media, some relatively unknown to many brands and businesses. Posting messages to groups is one way to identify with a specific target audience, hopefully reaching those individuals interested in your business or industry. Dedicate a number of hours researching various groups, finding which would be best to begin the conversation. Once you’ve found where your brand fits in, post messages that are less on the promotional side and more on the “human” side. Tip: Join conversations in groups that are relevant to your business. Chime in with tips, blog posts and other information—you never know where you might find a new partner or contract. 

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