Content Strategy for Startups

October 14, 2014 02:35 PM Published by Ashley Logan

Content is a critical component of a successful startup strategy. Here’s how to reach some basic content milestones for your business.


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We know that the startup life isn’t for everyone. But if you are one of the brave souls venturing into the world of owning a small business, then there are steps you can take to position your business for success. It starts with helping people understand your business mission and the services you provide. And, bad news for the non-writers out there, but the best way for people to understand your business is through your content strategy.

Content is any tool used to reach your audience. It’s the words on your website, a custom blog about industry trends, a monthly email newsletter, a social media campaign or a video on your home page. It doesn’t need to be robust, but it does need to tell a story, and it's especially important to think about a content strategy when starting a business. To help get you started, we put together a list of essential content milestones for your startup.

Here are 3 strategic content milestones to make your startup dreams come to life.

  1. Boilerplate - Figure out a way to describe your business so that people understand exactly what you do in five sentences or less. That will be the boilerplate overview of your approach to business, like a written elevator speech. This description will work wonders for building your brand across multiple platforms. The final boilerplate can appear on your company website, on social media and on all marketing collateral. Once this is perfected, it will become a staple part of your marketing efforts, and the best part is that it can evolve alongside your company.
  2. Website: A website is one of the most important tools a business has to tell their audience exactly who they are and what they do. Websites come in all different shapes and sizes, and depending on the business model, they can be robust, or simple. But in this age of technology, if a business doesn’t have a website, it may as well not exist. When starting a new business, make building a website a top priority. Have fun using that platform to explain the who you are, where you are and the services you provide.
  3. Social Media - Utilizing social media platforms to build across multiple audiences is a great strategy for startups. To begin, create a Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, Google + Page, LinkedIn Business page and maybe even tackle Pinterest and Instagram as well, depending on the industry you're in. Even if those sites are updated only once a week, it lets people know the business is alive and running. But the most important reason for having a social media presence is to reach new generations of decision makers who depend on social media to engage with brands. It’s just one more opportunity to connect with your target audience.

Once you have met those strategic content milestones for your startup, your business will instantly be better positioned for success. Need help getting those words together? Let’s Yak.

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