Getting Started With Content Marketing

October 02, 2014 09:39 AM Published by Ashley Logan

How to launch a custom content campaign for your business


Getting started with a content marketing campaign isn’t just as easy as opening up a word document and starting to write. That’s because great content will awaken a consumer to your brand, whether it’s through an infographic, a blog post, a newsletter or even something as simple as a 140-character Tweet. And content done the right way will provide a lasting impression with your audience. The question is, where do you start.

The first step to creating a content strategy is to define your audience. Think about the age, demographics and profession of your ideal consumer. A successful content strategy will tailor the information to that specific audience, presenting the information in a voice that makes sense, in a tone that will resonate with your readers. For example, a group of seasoned medical professionals will have a different outlook than recent college graduates. Narrowing down your target audience is one of the key steps to optimizing an effective content marketing strategy because it will help you find those individuals, and present information in a way with which they can connect.

Next on the list is to get organized. Start by building out an editorial calendar based on three to four different content pillars within a one-month timeframe. For a company like McDonalds, this could include Service, The Menu, Happy Meals and Giving Back. Brainstorm topics within these pillars and strategically place them within the calendar so that your business covers a vast spectrum of information throughout the year. An editorial calendar should provide structure for the type of information your organization provides, as well as a place to brainstorm ideas, to guide your content marketing strategy. A strong editorial calendar ensures that your most relevant content will be viewed by your target audience.

Now it's time to think about distribution — because what’s the sense in creating all of this content if your network doesn’t see it? Thanks to social media, displaying content over various channels has never been easier. Figure out what platforms your audience uses to read content and then prepare to share accordingly. Through the use of specific keywords, meta descriptions, title tags and more, we ensure your content is optimized to the best of its ability. The best part about a strong content marketing campaign is that your audience will share what you put out there, which will contribute to organically growing your network.

Now, all that's left is to start writing. For a lot of people, that is the hardest part. Yakkety Yak is a full service content marketing agency with professional writers and marketers on board to help you create, optimize and distribute custom written content to your audience. The goal is to build a network of relevant consumers, help you generate leads for your business and to learn how to say what you want to say even better.

Need help getting started?

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