Online Dating for Marketers?

January 13, 2015 02:54 AM Published by Ashley Logan

What happens when you liken your marketing strategy to Tinder 


One wouldn't think that there are any similarities between online dating and marketing, but as it turns out, they are many. Particularly as it relates to Tinder, the online dating app known for its "swipe left, swipe right" mechanism that allows users to sift through dating prospects. And as content marketers, we can use tinder-like abilities in our content creation, marketing strategy and even social media approach. We never thought we'd say this...but thank you, Tinder, for inspiring online dating for marketers.

Launched in 2012, Tinder has significantly changed the way in which people approach the dating world. As a person's profile appears on a mobile device, users have the ability to scroll through 5 photos of the member and a short profile. If  intrigued by the user information, swipe right. If disinterested, swipe left. If a mutual match appears where both parties swipe right, then hearts appear, fireworks go off and the conversation can begin.

Most consumers take the same approach to brand interaction, making quick judgments on limited information. Which is why for marketers, images are absolutely key. Everything from Twitter headers, brand logos, Instagram photos and even Facebook cover photos are judged by potential customers. If your social presence doesn't include recent photos, you're looking at an immediate "swipe left" from your audience. Marketers should also take note of the type of photos used on Tinder. Having a variety of images works best on dating sites, so as to show matches your diversity and unique interests. From a marketing standpoint, the larger the range of images, the better. As it goes, both Tinder members and marketers only have seconds to make a lasting impression. Make sure it counts with great images.

Marketers could also take a few cues from how Tinder approaches life after you swipe right. To keep a potential mate hooked, Tinder encourages its members to ease into the conversation to see if it's a match before diving into the relationship. Similarly, as brands engage with their users on social media, it's crucial to establish a relationship before going in for the close.

Dating, in itself, can be a long game. Marketing, even just the launch of one single campaign, can be an even longer game. Treat your customers just as special as you would treat your significant other. Create lasting impressions and pay attention to their needs. Maybe with a swipe or two, you'll have that next great marketing breakthrough.

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