The Value of Thank You

July 24, 2015 11:32 AM Published by Ashley Logan

Why gratitude is a vital part of strengthening professional relationships

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As we plow through the hustle and bustle of daily life, blasting emails back and forth to customers and team members in an effort to just get things done, business can start to feel a little bit hectic. And as the pace of work increases, it's easy to accidentally neglect simple professional courtesies, that don't take a lot of time, but can seriously strengthen working relationships—like sending a genuine "thank you."

Taking the time to say thank you requires almost zero time and effort, and goes a very long way. Not only is the feedback valuable, but it also makes people feel good to have their efforts recognized. A win-win all around.

Here's an example of the value of thank you: This week, a colleague in a professional organization contacted me for some quick advice. The phone call took less than 10 minutes and then we both went back to our daily routine. A few days later, I received a handwritten "Thank You" note in the mail, with a Starbucks gift card. It absolutely made my day.

It wasn't the fact that she knew about my double-tall-non-fat-no-foam-latte addiction—she didn't. It was that she recognized that my time was important, and that our conversation meant something to her. That simple gesture of acknowledgment boosted my confidence, and put a smile on my face.

It was also a huge reminder for me that I needed to slow down every once in awhile and show my thanks to those around me who help make me better in business. I was inspired by my friend, so I paid it forward.

It's Friday. The week is coming to an end, but before you head out to enjoy the summer sunshine, maybe take a minute to tell someone you are grateful for their efforts. Give them a professional boost by recognizing something they did that  meant something to you. This could be directed to a teammate, customer, colleague or an advisor.

Saying thank you doesn't have to cost any money. Just a quick note of appreciation, gratitude and encouragement goes a long way. Not only does it encourage positive behavior, but it also builds trust, camaraderie and friendship.

What is more valuable than that?



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