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July 03, 2015 04:34 PM Published by Ashley Logan

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What's new at Yakkety Yak in 2015

The last six months have been incredibly busy for Yakkety Yak. We've hired new writers, worked with new clients and built a stronger network of service providers—all with one goal in mind: to help businesses reach their target audience more effectively.

But as a growing startup, it's important to take a step back every now and then to evaluate milestones and reflect on recent accomplishments. The truth is that while growing a business is incredibly fun, but it comes with a unique set of challenges. We are now officially halfway through the year, which means it's time to publicly debrief, because our wins are your wins. And, it helps me stay accountable to anyone following along.

While the year has been exciting, we have identified areas where we would like to improve. To my chagrin, I learned that I can't handle every aspect of the business. So we engaged the expertise of an amazing HR Consultant, Melissa Jones at The CEO Office to help us grow the team. Lessons? There are some amazingly talented people out there, and it pays to have someone identify quality candidates to make sure the hiring process gets done right.

Which leads me to the value of networking. Back in November while brunching in Chicago with friends, I was introduced to Melissa. We started chatting about our startups and exchanged information. Not long after, Melissa launched a community of women entrepreneurs in Chicago, called Creative Chics. Since joining the group, I've been exposed to some truly amazing women business owners, and even was given the opportunity to present my content creation strategies to a large group. Lessons? Say hello.

By listening to other small business owners, I learned more about their challenges and struggles as they try to navigate the world of content, ranging from running their own blogs, engaging with customers on social media and sending a clear message about their work. Through their stories, I was able to streamline some of my offerings to be a better resource for female entrepreneurs who are just getting started. As a result, we have a new platform in the making that should help make their lives a whole lot easier. Stay tuned for more details. Lessons? Pay attention.

From a business standpoint, our current roster of clients includes furniture vendors, interior designers, consultants, travel companies, law firms, doctors and, our favorite, women owned businesses. As the company continues to expand, we are perfecting our approach to content to deliver better results for our customers. This includes the addition of a Yakkety Yak monthly newsletter, better analytics for tracking success and two new team members who will help make the business even better.

As Yakkety Yak continues to define our mission and make our process more effective, we are interested in hearing from you. Which social media platforms do you find most effective for reaching your target audience? How are you using content to drive traffic to your website and boost revenue? What areas do you struggle with as you try to market your business? Our goal is to develop tools and materials to help you operate at your best. Let's Yak.

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